David Levine


It’s a beautiful winter night tonight in London, Ontario. I’m 32 years-old and sometimes I find it hard to remember exactly how this all started. For now at least, let me say that the organic nature of the digital world has always given me great satisfaction. We’re empowered with technology that would have our predecessors positively salivating. That’s not to say there haven’t been frustrations or complications. Of course there have been.  Siteway started off much as it still is: an on-going experiment. I’ve moved the blog and the Siteway illustrations offline for now, and not because I don’t want them accessible (I’ll soon be putting my illustrations back). It’s because I want to show you a new side and sometimes that means making the typewriter ring its bell and throwing in a fresh sheet. It’s a gesture. I’m not one to disrespect the past; by now that much should be clear. For the time being I’m going to press on, as my father says. More simply, I’m going to show you what’s going on today. ¶ I had the good fortune to see David Levine speak in NYC last winter. I flew to that great city to see him, Jules Feiffer, and Edward Sorel give a talk at the Museum of New York (Stan Mack was also part of the panel but I was not familiar with him or his work prior to my booking). It was a tremendous day for me, but as I was alone there isn’t usually a platform for expressing the memory. Mr. Levine is certainly one of the greatest living illustrators of our time, and his talk was the most memorable of all the panel.  My inexplicable and erratic shyness blocked our actual meeting (though I did get a chance to have Feiffer and Sorel, two other heroes of mine, sign copies of their books), I listened to Mr. Levine joke about his start in the arts. It wasn’t complicated: he painted; he drew; he had the support of a loving wife and the fortune and mindedness to continue painting and drawing. He joked about how his early paintings were mocked. He joked because he knew at some level his paintings were worthy, and he’s right.

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