Joe Clark

A little perseverance can go a long way. Let me say one thing before I start writing in earnest. I am loving where things have gone in Siteway World in 2009. I’ve really tried to put all my effort into the “work” and not into the “talk” which so often crowded my early development. I guess the ego speaks even when we all want it to shut up. I feel very much these days like I’m in the process of cashing the cheques I wrote so long ago. I don’t mean that literally, of course, but I definitely mean it metaphorically. You can write, and it can help, but for it to matter it needs to be a going concern. Without really saying it, Siteway is the evidence of a promise I made to myself a long time ago. I count this space as home, and I want to welcome you to where we are, right now. ¶ Joe Clark was gracious enough to humour a question I had for him when he visited campus in my undergraduate days. We had a few good speakers at my time at Western. Probably the best was Ron McLean. While PK and I played a pinball machine I hope to own one day, he entertained a gaggle of young folk with an “act” that not only flowed like butter but was received as such. Not a negative vibe in the area. But former Prime Minister Joe Clark also made the trek to Concrete Beach, and I’m still proud that I got my act together enough to see the man. He answered my question about the Cyprus problem with a gentleman’s touch and sincere grace. I don’t even remember the point in question.

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